MHI Launches New "MVR- Ex" Double-column, 5-Face Milling Machine

First Double-column Machine in Japan to Feature Thermostabilized Columns as Standard Equipment –

MVR Ex lores

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) has completed development of and introduced the “MVR-Ex,” a new model in the MVR Series of double-column 5-face milling machines that is one of MHI’s leading large-size machine tool product lines. The new model incorporates the same main spindle internal cooling technology used ultra-high-precision machine tools, and is the first double-column machine tool in Japan to feature thermostabilized columns as standard equipment. Thermostabilization ensures superior machining precision by suppressing column deformation caused by fluctuations in the ambient temperature.

The MVR-Ex features a high-speed main spindle capable of 8,000 rotations per minute (min-1) as standard equipment. Main spindle expansion and bearing heating are suppressed by an internal cooling mechanism incorporated into the main spindle and ram*, enhancing heavy-duty machining capability during both low-speed machining and high-speed, high-precision finishing of molds and other workpieces. In addition, thermostabilized columns enable factors such as column tilt and contraction (which cannot be addressed by conventional compensation mechanisms) to be suppressed to within 6µm per 500mm on both the X and Y axes. The MVR-Ex is also less affected by environmental changes at the installation site, and features a more rigid saddle and cross rails to enable high-power, stable cutting even when the ram is extended to 800mm.

A 15-inch control panel screen, roughly twice the size of earlier offerings, has been adopted for enhanced display of necessary information. Other operator-friendly features include improved maintenance screens and simple centering during workpiece setup, as well as a remote monitoring maintenance service function to enable the machine’s operating status to be remotely monitored by MHI’s service center for swift servicing response in the event of malfunction detection. The latest numerical control (NC) programs are also supported, along with an array of attachments that includes a right-angle head for machining lateral faces without a setup change.

For environmental compatibility the MVR-Ex is equipped with features such as a power regenerative function for the main spindle and servo motor, and LED lighting. These and other energy-saving features result in a reduction in CO2 emissions of approximately five tons per year in comparison to previous models.

The MVR Series, originally launched in 2003, has been widely acclaimed for its outstanding machining precision and productivity. To date, close to 1,000 units have been delivered, primarily for use on production floors in plants making molds, industrial machinery, construction machinery, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, and other industrial products. Now, the MVR-Ex takes machining performance to an even higher plane.

With the introduction of the new MVR-Ex, MHI has not only responded to the replacement needs of existing users but also set the stage for proactively winning new users who seek more advanced equipment.

Note: The ram is a square, hollow column that performs reciprocating motion and supports the main spindle.

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