Purchasing the Brother SPEEDIO S500X1 was a no-brainer decision, here's why:

Wayne Beams, Owner of Innovative Surgical Designs

Owns a Brother SPEEDIO S500X1 for 13 months

(Photo supplied of produced products)

Wayne Beams, owner of Innovative Surgical Designs, chose the Brother SPEEDIO S500X1 over his existing mill supplier because of the speed of the Brother. He claims that the Brother is much faster at productions for the spinal fixation rods that his company manufactures, and the price point was less than his (competitor machine) that he also just purchased.

We had some questions for Wayne regarding his thoughts about the Brother SPEEDIO machine after using it for over a year…

What were the benefits of the Brother?

An increase in throughput. 12 minutes on my existing mill and just under 8 minutes on my Brother.  I was able to dedicate the Brother machine to the high volume job while re-purposing my (competitor machine) for prototyping.

How difficult/easy was the transition to Brother from your existing machines?

Being a self-taught machinist and only being familiar with the (competitor machine) control, there were some adjustments to the control, but nothing that was difficult and that the Yamazen Technicians couldn’t answer.  The Yamazen Technicians did a great job training us.

Have you seen an increase in productivity?

Yes, on average about 1/3 increase in productivity on our parts.

Since you have owned your Brother, how many times has a service call been required? 

I have had my machine 13 months without a single service call.

Can you show us a photo of one of your parts that you previously ran on your (competitor machine) and now running on the Brother?  What were the original cycle times and what are the new times on the Brother?

We were making the spinal fixation rods in 12 minutes on the (competitor machine) and making them in 7 min 52 seconds on the Brother without any changes.  It’s common to see the Brother be 30% quicker.

Have you seen any decrease in capability with the change from 40-taper to 30-taper?

Our materials are titanium and stainless; there haven’t been any restrictions due to 30-taper vs 40.

As you grow and expand, will additional Brother machines be part of this?

Yes, absolutely.

How was the installation support and assistance by Yamazen when purchasing your first Brother machine?

Everything went very smooth.  I purchased a Renishaw probe and tool measurement also with my machine and the technician did a great job with training and making sure all the commands were as user-friendly as possible.

Wayne’s final comments

Overall, I love the machine.  It is so fast that you have to keep your hand on the override knobs with running a program for the first time.  We have had no problems with the machine.  The tool changer and rapids are so fast compared to the other mills in the market that I wouldn’t make anywhere near the number of parts on them compared to what I produce on the Brother.  I know that (competitor machine) makes a similar machine, but when you look at  the small difference in price and the overall capabilities of the Brother, the decision was a no-brainer.

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