The Brother allows us to compete for work that we typically lost…

Robert J. Bettinardi (President) & Jeff Counter (Plant Manager),
X-Cel Technologies, IL

Owns Brother TC-32Bn(s). Looking to purchase Brother SPEEDIO R650X1

When talking with Robert Bettinardi and Jeff Counter at X-Cel Technologies in IL, they discussed the benefits of owning their Brother machines. They believe that the efficiencies, 40-tools, combined with Brother’s speed and reliability make it a contender when considering new equipment purchases.

Additional Brother machine benefits:

Any add-on equipment, such as hi-pressure coolant, probes, hydraulics/air for fixturing, are all easily accommodated and very cleanly adapted to the machine. There are no clumsy cables or hoses in sight. YAMAZEN does a great job with this.

How difficult/easy was the transition to Brother from your existing machines?

Streamlined without issues; nice control. In the past we have normally purchased “American made” machines. With Brother utilizing 99% standard ISO “G” code programming, we basically took existing programs we ran on our “American made” machines and ran those with minor edits.

Have you seen an increase in productivity?

YES! If the part-size falls into our TC-32Bn envelope, we are now able to compete for work that we typically lost overseas.

How was the install/support and assistance provided by Yamazen when purchasing your Brother machine(s)?

Our Sales Engineer is supreme! Yamazen is “Johnny on the spot”, they understand we have customer commitments and timelines to make. If/when we have an issue, parts & support are just hours away. Installations are quick and efficient. We just recently installed our 4th TC-32Bn, and everything went well. We use a 5th axis and 4th axis on every machine purchased, without issues and great support.

Customer Comments:

Absolutely no regrets about a Brother purchase. We have 4 machines at this point and are now looking into a Brother SPEEDIO R650X1 High Torque application with a 4th axis. Yamazen test cut a part for us…this mill looks to be the best kept secret in machining!

For additional information and specifications on the Brother SPEEDIO R650X1, click here.