The S1000X1 has definitely improved our quality as well as increased our output

Dan Drouault, Owner and President of Covington Engineering

Owns a Brother SPEEDIO S1000X1

Dan Drouault, owner and president of Covington Engineering, says that he cannot even compare the Brother SPEEDIO S1000X1 to any other machine he has owned or used. Dan told us, “The Brother is solidly built and exacting in performance.”

Examples and comparisons Dan shared on how the Brother SPEEDIO performs better than other CNC machines:

  • On my 40 x 20 we used to make simple water manifolds, it took us 2-3 minutes per side. On our Brother, we have a better looking manifold and it finishes two parts in the time it took my competitor machine to complete one part, even AFTER adding a milling step into the process.
  • With the way the S1000X1 drills and taps – the only thing I have ever seen to illustrate the speed is a sewing machine; tapping at 3,000 RPM and no broken taps. Our tool life has improved on the Brother as well.
  • A piece of L” Aluminum plate we used to run on our competitor machine would take an hour and a half to mill and drill out our parts. Now, on the Brother, it only takes 35 minutes. Tool changes are lightning fast.

Does this machine make you more efficient and competitive in the market? If so, why?

The S1000X1 has definitely improved our quality as well as increased our output. This helps us maintain our pricing structures even when metal prices increase. It has also reduced the operators down time on waiting for parts to finish.

Closing remarks:

Yamazen and Brother absolutely have a customer for life with Covington Engineering.

For additional information and specifications on the Brother SPEEDIO S1000X1, click here.