Brother and Yamazen’s abilities have exceeded expectations

Kevin Sowell, Mill Foreman and Jon Pastusek, CEO — Horizon Tech Industries, Inc.

Owns 16 Brother Machines; 3 of them are SPEEDIO Machines

Kevin Sowell and Jon Patusek of Horizon Tech Industries, TX, shared how Brother and Yamazen’s abilities have exceeded their expectations:

We originally chose to invest in Brothers we did so for two main reasons, the ability of the machines and especially local support. As a 30+-year-old machine shop we have been more than pleased with Yamazen’s ability to meet and exceed our expectations and fully recommend working with their family.

We continue to purchase new machines directly from Yamazen because of the good results we’ve continuously had. We plan on growing our Mill Dept. with the Brother line because of continuity in programming, we are rarely surprised by new issues and can troubleshoot most issues in-house or via phone support. Most importantly we have been able to create a personal relationship with their entire family of employees from Sales to Service and truly feel that everyone at Yamazen is working for our long-term success. That type of leadership and support must be driven top down and we’ve felt it for 15+ years.

The machining features and benefits that lead to our final decision were the fast tool change, fast rapids, rotary integration, small footprint and the controls were easy to learn being very similar to FANUC.  We have a 2,500 sq. ft. section that has 16 Brothers with employees running 1-4 machines simultaneously depending on the complexity of the job, averaging 2.5 machines per employee.  We believe in the long-term investment value of Brothers as our 20yr.+ machines are starting to have some more issues yet we still use them in full production reliably.

Every time we purchase a new Brother our productivity increases with the features and benefits that continue to develop in new models while still maintaining the level of reliability and availability.  With every new purchase, we continue to invest into more of the accessories of rotary tables, pneumatic vices, and broken tool detectors and also integrate the software capabilities of tool counters, tooling groups, and networking the machines to pull data from.  The Yamazen team took time during the purchase to think thru the advantages and more importantly worked with us to apply the new technology.  Again, every time we purchase a new Brother our productivity increases, and we really enjoy the process.

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