Brother Reduced Part’s Cycle Time by 48% From Competitor Machine

Steve Petruc, Voss Aerospace

Owns a Brother SPEEDIO R450X1 Since December 2016

Steve Petruc of Voss Aerospace in Ohio, replaced his old (Competitor Machine) with the Brother SPEEDIO R450X1. He observed that the Brother reduced the cycle time on the parts they produce by 48%.

Read what Steve had to say about the Brother SPEEDIO machine after using it for almost a year…

We purchased our Brother R450X1 in December of 2016 to replace a (Competitor Machine) we had. Our cycle time for the parts we were machining was reduced by 48%. The Brother was a real game changer for our production team because we are able to get parts to subsequent machines faster, which in turn has helped us reduce lead times. Our sales department has been able to take on more work because the bottleneck from the (Competitor Machine) has been eliminated by the Brother R450X1. Training went very easy enabling our operators to be producing from day 1. As far as maintenance goes, we are pleased to say we have had zero issues with the R450X1. This is a big deal to us because we machine Inconel 718 and A286 on our R450, and it has not had an issue whereas the (Competitor Machine) would struggle with these materials. We are already looking into purchasing more Brother SPEEDIOS because management is so pleased.