The speed alone sets the Brother in a class by itself

Frank Magnano, President of Advanced Precision Industries, Inc.

Owns 4 Brother Machines

Frank Magnano, President of Advanced Precision Industries, Inc. has owned multiple Brother machines and has been machining with them for over 5 years. Frank shared his reasons why they chose to purchase Brother machines:


What were the benefits of the Brother that made you decide to try it?
The major benefit was the speed.

How difficult/easy was the transition to Brother from your existing machines?
You need to have a different mindset when approaching a Brother. The Brother likes to remove material very fast & efficiently.

Have you seen an increase in productivity?
Yes, by at least 30%.

How is the Brother machine’s reliability? How often have you needed to call Service?
If you take care of the Brother, the Brother will take care of you. In the last five years, there have been no service calls.

Have you seen any change in capability with the move to 30-taper?
So far, there has been nothing that I can’t handle on the Brother.

Do you have future plans for additional Brother machines?
Yes, we’re considering a pallet machine or the M140X1.

Do the machines make you more efficient and competitive in the market? If so, why?
Yes, we are more efficient and more competitive. Just the speed alone sets the Brother in a class by itself. Which in-turn makes us more competitive with our competition.

What is the overall impression of Brother and what it can do for Machine Shops that are currently running many “typical 40 X 20 – 40 taper” vertical machining centers?
Just the savings in time will put a 40 or 50 taper machine to shame. The Brother can easily reduce cycle times by 30%. If you don’t need the horsepower of a 40 or 50 taper machine or tool capacity, then getting a Brother is a no-brainer.

How were the installation support and assistance by Yamazen when purchasing your first Brother machine?
Installation was a breeze, if you are ready for their service people, they will usually be there within 24 hours of delivery.

Finally, is there anything else that you would like to comment on that you have found has been a difference? Something in the control, on the machine, etc. that has impressed you that others may not see right away?
The one thing you can’t see is the rigidity of this 30 taper machine. Finish, accuracy, and speed, prove to be a simple task for the Brother. All of these things define how well the machine is built. It’s simply amazing that a machine that is so cost-effective in today’s market can outperform some the competitor’s equipment out there. Quality, fit and finish are bar none.

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