Production is up 40-50% depending on how well the operator keeps up with the faster cycle time…

Mike Woods, Machining Supervisor at Top Die Casting Co, South Beloit, IL
Owns a Brother SPEEDIO R650X1

Mike Woods, the machining supervisor of Top Die Casting Co, works with the Brother SPEEDIO R650X1 over his existing horizontal machining center because of the Brother’s speed.

Here is what Mike had to share with us in regards to his Brother SPEEDIO R650X1:

Moving from a horizontal machining center to the Brother R650X1, what is the difference in cycle time?
The cycle time on the (competitor) horizontal machining center was 7 minutes 30 seconds. On the R650X1, we are at 3 minutes 45 seconds resulting in a 50% decrease in cycle time.

What are the benefits of machining with the Brother?
Besides the decrease in cycle time, we also decreased our setup time. On the horizontal machine we had 2 sets of fixtures to qualify, and on the Brother we only use one set of fixtures.

How difficult was the transition from your competitor’s HMC to Brother?
There was a little work involving modifying the fixtures and rewriting the program, but nothing that I would consider difficult.

Have you seen an increase in productivity since using the Brother?
Production is up 40-50% depending on how well the operator keeps up with the faster cycle time.

Have you seen a decrease in the part’s quality moving from a 40-taper machine to a 30-taper machine?
No, quality has remained outstanding. I just engineered a new part to run on our R650X1. The main concern was if the part was too large for the machine, and if a few of the tools were too substantial for a 30-taper machine. The part ran thru without a problem. All speeds, feeds, roughing, and finishing were all programmed the same as it would have been on the competitor HMC.

How many times has service been required since the installation of the R650X1?
When we first purchased the machine, we had a few minor issues that just required a phone call to help us resolve them. Since then, the machine just runs every day.

How was the installation and support for the Brother R650X1?
Installation was top notch. Anytime I have called for support, my question or problem has always been solved as promptly as possible.

Would you consider purchasing additional Brother Machines in the future?
Yes, our Brother has been an exceptional production orientated machine that requires low maintenance.

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