Brother SPEEDIO NEW R650X2

Brother Continues to Improve Upon High Productivity with the NEWLY Enhanced SPEEDIO R650X2

The NEW R650X2 pallet changer machine, which is capable of machining larger workpieces, now offers a 40-tool magazine.

One of the biggest enhancements on the R650X2 is the tool changer and magazine. The R650X1, which originally was released in 2015 to assist with larger part machining, came standard with the ability to store 22 tools. The R650X2 has a magazine that has been expanded to house up to 40 tools, a 81% increase. This expanded tool storage allows to further promote process consolidation, productivity and to reduce the amount of downtime for tool replacement.


The maximum tool weight and length have been increased on the R650X2 to enable a broader range of tool selections. The maximum weight of a tool is 8.8lbs, which is a 33% increase, and maximum tool length 9.8” which is a 25% increase over the R650X1 standards.

To prevent chips from entering the magazine, a shutter has been installed to separate the machining chamber and the magazine. A coolant nozzle has also been installed to wash the arm that grasps a tool during a tool change.

The newly enhanced Brother SPEEDIO R650X2’s promotes non-stop machining with its large pallet changer and larger tool magazine. These contribute to high-efficiency machining and bringing both time and financial savings to its users. Brother SPEEDIO provides many solutions that give machine shops a competitive advantage. Visit for a full listing of the Brother SPEEDIO machines.

To see a demonstration or learn more about Brother’s R650X2 contact your local Yamazen sales representative or call toll-free 800.882.8558.