FLEX2, the NEW Automatic System Solution for Brother SPEEDIO

FLEX2, the NEW Automation System Solution for Brother SPEEDIO; Developed and Distributed by Yamazen

Developed to feed one or two of Brother SPEEDIO, models S300/500/700/1000 or the M140 models, FLEX2 increases Brother SPEEDIO customers’ productivity and profitability.

This newly designed robotic system directly interfaces with the Brother models, and it can feed one or two of these models at a time. With its compact design, it takes up minimal floor space while maximizing consistent throughput for low-volume, heavy-mix work or high-volume, low-mix work.

Quality – The FLEX2’s steel frame construction has built-in safety systems, with a single source design and build.

User Friendly – The user friendly Vision System is icon driven which makes it easy to teach in new parts. The FLEX2 comes standard with mounted monitor and mouse tray. This helps the operator to see the view from the camera and make changes easily. Nachi Smart Teach Pendant has function to enable easy programming. Standard documentation for simplified instructions is provided.

Flexibility – FLEX2 provides the flexibility to tend to one or two Brother SPEEDIO machining centers at a time. The automation system also allows for easy to add options such as: part marking, inspection, regrip, deburring or a reject chute.

Construction – Construction of the FLEX2 consists of the Nachi 6 axis industrial robot, the MZ12, that has a maximum reach of 1454mm/57” and a payload of 12kg/26.4lbs. This powerful, compact, high-speed and precise design includes many standard features such as: through-arm cabling and air piping with an air blow feature.

The heavy-duty black belt conveyor has an inbound work area of 18”x 78” (maximum part height 10”) and an outbound work area of 18” x 98” (maximum part height 9.9”) with a weight capacity of 325 lbs.

End of arm tooling (EOAT) can be either a single or dual gripper. Yamazen automation group will review customer parts needs to engineer the correct gripper design for your specific application.

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