Brother Testimonials

Why these customers rely on Brother and choose SPEEDIO:


Yamazen and Top Die Casting Co. Story


Yamazen and Precision Instruments Story


Yamazen and Montague Story


Highpower Security Products: SPEEDIO S500X1.

“This machine stood out to us because it was the fastest in its category, and when we spoke with other SPEEDIO owners we were told that they had an excellent service history with their machines,” said Dan DeMerchant, President of Highpower Security Products, LLC.

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Task Force Tips: SPEEDIOS M140X1 and M140X2.

“The Brother SPEEDIO machines have eliminated a number of operations to produce parts that require quick turnarounds. They have also helped us to recognize changeover options that make the setups seamless. The automation with Universal Robots is an additional help in making the project highly successful,” said Cory Mack, Production Manager. Speed and reliability have been a constant on ALL the Brother machines we have owned,” Mack commented. ”They have been a consistent staple in our shop,” he concluded.

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Advanced Precision Industries, Inc.

“The Brother can easily reduce cycle times by 30%. If you don’t need the horsepower of a 40 or 50 taper machine or tool capacity, then getting a Brother is a no-brainer,” said Frank Magnano, President of Advanced Precision Industries, Inc.

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