Vega Tool Corporation

Your Source for Cutting Tools, Industrial Supplies and Inspection Equipment

Since 1973 Vega Tool Corporation has been providing solutions to the cutting tool industry using unique geometry, premium substrates and the latest in coating technologies; providing our customers with optimal performance with minimal cost. Having access to global logistic expertise from top-tier manufactures, will assure that you will only get the best product, known brand name with competitive pricing.

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Plustech, Inc.

Precision Machines for Advanced Molding Operations

Sodick Plustech injection molding machines have been engineered to be the most precise machines on the market, particularly around the injection unit and clamping mechanism. Their technology has created an unprecedented, stable molding process capable of holding cavity pressures virtually without variation. Sodick Plustech excels in highly-competitive markets including Thermoplastic Molding, Micro Molding, LSR-Silcone Rubber Molding and Insert Molding.

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