Takisawa TS Series

Takisawa TS Series

The Takisawa TS Series offers multi-tasking milling and turning in a powerful and accurate machine tool. With two spindles and standard Y-Axis, the TS-4000 YS is suitable for a large variety of workpieces, allowing mill/turn applications from bar stock to finished components.


Optional automated gantry handling solution is available. Contact Yamazen for details.

Maximum Swing 23.62"
Maximum Turning Diameter 14.57"
Maximum Turning Length 29.53"
Bar Capacity Left Spindle 3.23"
Y-Axis Travel -1.97"-+2.76"
Chuck Size 10"+6"
Left Spindle Speed 4200
Left Spindle Horsepower 30/20 Cont.
Right Spindle Speed 6000
Right Spindle Horsepower 14.7 / 10 Cont.
Turret Type Side Holder [Bolted]
Number of Tools 12
Control FANUC 32i-B
Rotating Tools 12
Rotating Tool RPM 6000
Rotating Tool HP 10 / 4.9

For additional specifications and options, please contact Yamazen.