Mitsubishi MVR Ex Cutting Capabilities Shortens Cutting Time

Tested and proven BEFORE it hits your shop’s floor.

Cut Machine Time Processing
with the MVR Ex's Cutting Capabilities

Threading is required for various types of workpieces. The Mitsubishi MVR Ex’s cutting capability allows you to cut time and save money by shortening the machine process time; up to 70% on large diameter threading.

Compare the process when machining M64 with a 70mm threading depth, S45C material:

Helical Machining with Threading Tool Process and Time

Machining with Mitsubishi Large Diameter Drill – Tap

This process requires a large spindle torque; the MVR Ex series are capable of this with a standard 8,000 min -1 spindle.

The second example reduces the machining time by 70% compared to the first example.

*The above machining example is a test cut. Results may vary depending on the tool type, tool wear, etc.

Mitsubishi MVR EX

Features of the MVR Ex:

• MHI’s unique design provides thermo stabilization of the double-columns 

• Rigid and enlarged crossrail and saddle

• Spindle speeds of 8,000 RPM direct drive / 3,600 RPM high torque gear head

• High accuracy with internal spindle cooling system

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