Unless you are a non-profit organization, your primary objective in business is to make money. The job shop business is extremely competitive and work will eventually find the shop who can produce the parts on time and at the lowest price.

Episode Five – Win Win

Win Win Video screen.jpg

We’re all creatures of habit — some good, some bad. Your workforce is no different. They develop workplace routines, and they become resistant to change. To transition to a new CNC controller would be out of their comfort zone, so why bother?


To achieve the legendary performance of the Brother SPEEDIO, a new CNC controller was needed. This controller was designed to take advantage of time saving features that are only possible on the Brother SPEEDIO.


So why bother changing? Because the most lasting change will be increased productivity and increased profits. When you win, your people win too. So why not invest in meaningful change with the Brother SPEEDIO? It’s your money!


The future of efficient machine tools is available now! No shop is complete without a Brother SPEEDIO.


Brother SPEEDIO is the EVERY Shop Machine.

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