Switch and Grow with SPEEDIO

Looking to Grow Your Machine Shop's Profits?

Switch from a 40 Taper Machine to a 30 Taper Brother SPEEDIO Compact Machining Center

The Brother SPEEDIO 30 taper compact machining centers are known for their SPEED, reliability and efficiency. They provide excellent machining capabilities while consuming less power and air consumption as they assist in maximizing product output while minimizing operating costs.


The Brother SPEEDIO has an incredible reputation for putting more money back into its owner’s wallet. Customers like Scott LaFave, Vice President of Business for Montague Manufacturing, purchased their first Brother SPEEDIO five years ago. Today, Montague owns 34 Brother SPEEDIOs; their success demonstrates the switch works.


Watch the video considerations in regards to switching from 40 taper machines to the Brother SPEEDIO. Scott from Montague shares his commentary on how Montague approached each of these considerations, and how they have profited from their decision.

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