Arc Second Accuracy

What is the Stated Accuracy for the Rotary Axis? (Stated in Arcseconds)

A circle is divided into 360 degrees. A degree is divided into 60 arcminutes. An arcminute is divided into 60 arcseconds. An arcsecond is then 1/3,600th of a degree. Expressed in decimal format an arcsecond is .00028 degrees and is equivalent to 1/1,296,000th of a rotation.


Rotational Accuracy, measured in Arcseconds, is not the same as linear axis accuracy. Generally, linear axis accuracy is a constant. Rotary Axis Accuracy stated in Arcseconds is angular. The farther the distance from the Center of Rotation, the greater the error.


The lifespan of the accuracy of any brand will have a greater impact on a 5‐axis machine than traditional 3 or even 4 axis machines.

Matsuura machines are built to be reliable, no matter how old they are or how many pallets run. All of Matsuura’s 5‐axis machines have a repeatability of +/‐ 2.0 Arcseconds, while the LF, LX, LS, LV Series all have +/‐ 1.4 arcsecond.

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Breakdown of an Arc second
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