Unmanned Machining

MAM72 Series

5-AXIS, High Precision | Simultaneous Productivity


The Matsuura MAM72 Series delivers long periods of unmanned, high precision  productivity, and provides versatility in the machining of very small to very large components. Enhancing cost-savings and providing better positioning, the MAM72 Series provides pallet and productivity solutions to keep your work center efficiently producing components around the clock.

MX Series

5-AXIS, High Quality | Cost Effective


The Matsuura MX Series guarantees high rigidity, a generous machining envelope and provides excellent operability by allowing rapid set-up and processing of complex parts. The MX Series offers an assortment of configurations, which are ideal for all applications, all industries and all materials. Matsuura has the only high-quality entry level 5-axis machines on the market with OEM automation solutions integrated from the outset. The Matsuura MX Series—high-quality, 5-Axis at an investment level that will surprise you. Pallet changer option    available on the MX Series.

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