Mitsubishi MAF-E II Series

Mitsubishi MAF-E II Series

The NEW Mitsubishi MAF-E II is a horizontal boring mill that has been developed to meet the needs of higher precision and higher efficiency machining larger components through thermostabilized columns, the spindle cooling system and the rigid construction of the machine.

Mitsubishi MAF-E II
X-Axis Travel 118.1"
Y-Axis Travel 90.5"
Z-Axis Travel

(Column in/out)

W-Axis Travel

(Spindle in/out)

Table Size 70.8" x 78.7" (opt. 78.7" x 86.6", 78.7" x 98.4")
Table Load 44,000 lb.
Boring Spindle Diameter 5.1"
Spindle Speed 5-2,500 min-1
Spindle Nose Taper ISO No. 50 (Taper 7/24)
Spindle Horsepower 40/50
ATC Capacity 50 (opt. 80, 100)

For additional specifications and options, please contact Yamazen.