Mitsubishi NEW MAF-EII Ideal Solution for Heavy-Duty Machining

Posted Jul 29, 2020 in News

Tested and proven BEFORE it hits your shop's floor.

Meet the NEW Performance-Driven Table Type Horizontal Boring Mill

The efficiently-designed, rigid structure with wide box guideway and double-walled column of the NEW Mitsubishi MAF130E-II was developed as the ideal solution for heavy-duty machining.

High-speed drilling, milling or high-torque boring are possible with the best-in-class spindle on the MAF130E-II; 50HP output and 3,643 Nm Max Torque.

The machine has the thickest table in its class and can hold a maximum load capacity of 20 tons, 67% higher than a conventional machine.

High rigidity and high productivity is what Mitsubishi guarantees with the NEW MAF130E-II.

Features of the NEW MAF130E-II:

  • Best-in-class 50 HP spindle
  • Table capacity up to 20 tons
  • Improved rigidity and accuracy
  • Cooling system minimizes heat distortion

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