Nidec Reflects on Milling and Finishing with the MVR Ex Series

Posted May 05, 2021 in News

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries America, Inc. MVR Ex Series Reflects on Aluminum Alloy Milling & Finishing

When working with aluminum alloys, comparable metal removal can be accomplished regardless of whether the spindle is in the vertical orientation or by applying the right-angle head.  This capability applies to either end milling or shoulder milling.  Mirror-like surface finishes can be generated.

Additional Features of the MVR Ex Series:

  • MHI’s own design for thermo stabilized double-columns as standard equipment.
  • Rigid and enlarged crossrail and saddle
  • Spindle speeds of 8,000 RPM direct drive/3,600 RPM high torque gear head
  • High accuracy with internal spindle cooling system
Mitsubishi MVR Ex Series machine
Main Spindle in action
Right Angle Header in action