Is Robotic Automation the Future?

More and more manufacturers are leveraging robotic automation for a wider number of applications. However, there are still many questions people have about automation:

Are robots too expensive for our business? Is our business too small to make use of robotics? Are robots difficult to program and operate? Will robotics cost human workers their jobs?

The simple answer is no. Robotic automation can be used across industries by many types and sizes of manufacturing businesses. Here are a few reasons why.

Time and Money Savings

Increased demand and sales have seen prices come down dramatically. Built-in state-of-the-art facilities, robots feature quality, customized enhancements and regulated safety standards that translate to savings on labor costs and unscheduled downtime. Robots can also operate 24/7, increasing production minimizing downtime.

They Are Scalable

Robots are used in high production, high volume environments and can also scale down to be used in growing businesses. Modern robots can be used in low- to medium-volume manufacturing environments. Thanks to recent advancements, they can be programmed and set up for new tasks quickly. Mobile bases allow them to be used in multiple areas of manufacturing facilities.

They’re Easy to Program

Modern robots can be taught by two easy methods. The first is offline programming which allows a user model a complete cell, or work area, and develop the sequence of moves for a task.

The second is with a teach pendant. A programmer or engineer merely guides the robot through a sequence of steps. With some fine tuning, the instructions are stored. The robot runs through the program slowly to check for issues. After multiple successful test runs, the robot can operate at full speed.

Robotic Automation Can Create MORE Jobs!

Many manufacturers have had to send jobs offshore because they couldn’t compete with low-cost foreign labor. Contrary to popular belief, robotic automation now lets manufacturing compete by generating more jobs in robotics and related fields.

Additionally, humans are needed to help service the machines. Robots permit manufacturers to lower costs and bring jobs back to the United States! Robots also protect workers from having to do repetitive, mundane, and dangerous tasks that could negatively impact their ability to work.

Robotic automation offers manufacturers growing opportunities to save on costs, enhance production, and remain competitive. The return on investment can create growth that not only increases profits but creates jobs equaling savings for customers.

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