Best Practices for Choosing Cutting Tools for Your Shop

What Kind of Materials Do You Need?

Sometimes my cutting tool requires a certain kind of unique material that needs to be customized by my supplier. It is essential that before you make a purchase, you talk with your supplier first and specify to him all the things that you need. Before settling with a supplier, make sure that this is the one that you can work with to give you all your needs moving forward.

Different types of material are used:

  • High carbon steel
  • High-speed cutting steel
  • Ceramic
  • Cemented Carbide
  • Diamond
  • Abrasives


  • For steel, stainless steel, cast iron, super-alloys, titanium and hard materials
  • Highest metal removal rates and tool life
  • High process stability and optimized chip management
  • Quick set-up and change for better process efficiency
  • Square-end slotting, side/shoulder milling, ramping, plunge milling, helical milling, trochoidal dxcmilling
  • Inch and metric sizes available

If there are other elements that you need to include to this list, ask your chosen supplier beforehand.  And see if the supplier can supply.

Is a Cutting Tool Production Machine Needed?

Specific cutting tools will require some assistance from production machines to generate high-speed cutting power. The cutting tool supplier that I would recommend is those that have a high-powered programming machine that will enhance the cutting power of your tool.

Programming machines are also included. Some cutting tools require modern work assistance to generate high-speed cutting power.

When you have high-powered cutting tools, then the workload gets lighter and more comfortable to complete.

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