Orange Vise

Key Advantages of the Orange Vise System

Quick-Change, from the Ground Up

The "Quick Change" concept is integrated at every level of the Orange Vise design.

  1. The Orange Vise body mounts to a subplate or tombstone in seconds, with +/- 0.0005" repeatability. Orange Ball Couplers and Receivers are optional and sold separately, but the integrated interface comes standard.
  2. The carrier slide assembly can be removed or installed in seconds - a necessity for cleaning and setup changeovers.
  3. Master jaws can be removed or installed in seconds, with +/- 0.0005" repeatability
  4. Jaw plates can be removed or installed in seconds, with +/- 0.0005" repeatability

Solid Construction - 100% Made in the USA

  1. The Orange Vise body, carrier slides, and master jaws are machined from solid bars of Dura-Bar ductile cast iron, a name-brand, premium quality product.
  2. Vise body is hardened and precision ground on four sides
  3. Main screw is machined from high tensile alloy steel. Threads are completely sealed from contaminants.
  4. Hard jaws are machined from alloy steel and case hardened to HRC 58-62
  5. Small components are all machined from steel

Solid, Reliable Performance

  1. High strength components withstand high clamping forces (up to 10,000 lbs)
  2. Cast iron construction throughout for vibration damping and low thermal growth
  3. Sliding jaws have a pull-down design to minimize part lift under heavy clamping forces
  4. Sealed slide assembly is greased for smooth action and predictable clamping force

Flexible and Adaptable 

  1. Indexable center jaw can be offset to adjust part capacities as necessary. 
  2. Low profile slide assembly eliminates potential interference with the jaw hold down points.  
  3. Vise pallets available in a variety of sizes to use the vise base as a pallet changer.
  4. Clamp large parts using large jaws in a single vise.

Easy to Maintain and Future-Proof

  1. Vise disassembles in 1-2 minutes for easy cleaning and maintenance
  2. Vise re-assembles in 1-2 minutes for minimal down time
  3. Slide assembly can be rebuilt in under 5 minutes with off-the-shelf components and hardware
  4. Current generation components are backwards-compatible with earlier generations, including the original Orange Vise.

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