Choose the Best Tool Holding System for Your Shop

When a new machine tool is purchased, or a new job comes into your shop, an opportunity is generated for reviewing and (often times) improving your tool holders.  Many suppliers, including Lyndex-Nikken, MST, and NT Tool offer the latest in production proven enhancements that can help make all the difference in productivity and profit.

Some considerations depend on the size of shop. One major consideration that should be made is balancing flexibility and performance. Typically, the more flexible a system is, it offers less performance for specific applications. For high-production settings, you want the best performing solution, regardless of the ease of changeover.

Many job shops hold onto traditional, inexpensive tooling systems for too long. So many new designs and enhancements are now available across a large range of tool sizes and application types, likely a small investment in new tooling can have a huge impact of performance, even on existing jobs.

A good example is the use of ER collet chucks and holders. While offering quick change-over and flexibility, many times the ER system may not offer the best performance. Lyndex-Nikken’s SK collet system allows for the same flexibility, with increased performance specifications over traditional collet systems.  A 3 micron runout maximum, and flush collet face mounting are just a few of the technical advantages that will allow you to improve tool life and increase cut times in most materials.

For high speed cutting and many non-ferrous applications, using MST Shrink-Fit Holders can give you an advantage. MST modular shrink fit holders allow for balanced tooling with minimal runout and maximized gripping power over a large range of tool shank diameters and tool types. Balanced tooling protects your machine spindle, adding to overall in-the-cut and maintenance up-time. For five-axis machine users, specially designed tapered shrink-fit holders offer maximum tool clearance to get the most from your machine tool.

Determining the most advantageous system for your job, your machines and your shop will require the assistance of tooling professionals to help find the right fit. Testing in your shop environment, with your tools and materials is often the best way to make these decisions. Contacting your local Yamazen Tooling Specialist can save you time and help you to secure profits.

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