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Eliminate load time with pallet switching capabilities!

You’ve had your machine tools for years. Maybe they’re already paid for. If your machines are paid for, they must be inexpensive to operate. Right? Actually, no.

Older machines are less productive. They require more maintenance, and produce less parts per hour. That means your cost per part is high; eating into your profits, and making your shop less competitive.

When labor is your highest expense, increasing workforce productivity means more profit. With Brother-SPEEDIO, you can manufacture more parts in less time. So, don’t let a slow machine pace your most expensive resource. Try a Brother-SPEEDIO and run the programs. You’ll see the difference for yourself

"As we started replacing our older machines, we found that the same programs would run 25% faster on a Brother-SPEEDIO. Plus, we eliminated the load time with the pallet switching capability. Overall, we realized a 30% boost in productivity after switching over to Brother."

For more information on Brother SPEEDIO and how Yamazen can help you with your all of your machining needs, fill out the form below, or call us at (847) 882-8800. You can also reach us by email at