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Maximize Reliability With Brother SPEEDIO


As a shop owner, you know the downtime is a massive drain on the bottom line; So you want CNC machines for a company that has a fleet of repair vans, filled with spare parts. Right?

Well, if minimizing downtime is the goal, shouldn’t we just invest in the most reliable machine instead? The Brother SPEEDIO’s superior design eliminates unnecessary complexity, leaving minimal components, minimal failure points, and maximum reliability. That’s why 24/7 production environments, those that demand uptime reliability, trust the Brother SPEEDIO. Why pay for fleets of repair vans when you can simply invest in reliability? The Brother SPEEDIO: Unparalleled reliability.

The maintenance and repair bills on our 30 SPEEDIO machines is less than half of what it was when we were running just 20 of the larger machines. It’s crazy. These SPEEDIO machines just do not break, and we run them 20 hours a day 5 days a week.

For more information on Brother SPEEDIO and how Yamazen can help you with your all of your machining needs, fill out the form below, or call us at (847) 882-8800. You can also reach us by email at