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Prosper Tech Machine & Tool


  • Our objective was to find a machine that could operate at high speed and effectively reduce our cycle time.


  • Yamazen had been a company we worked with earlier in 2023, when we purchased our first Brother U500Xd1. With the amazing results we wielded from our first machine, and the easy networking it took between our staff and Yamazen Inc. we knew we had to come back for a second!


  • These machines are high speed production workhorses, ready to take on mid to high volume production orders for our customers at incredible speeds, accuracies and reliability. We have achieved up to 50% cycle time reductions vs. our general purpose machines which we have been able to pass along in cost savings and lead time reductions.

Why Yamazen

  • In 2023, we made our third capital investment in 5-axis milling technology, effectively tripling our capacity. This recent installment has been pivotal in building trust with our esteemed customers, who rely on us for their supply chain needs. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to Yamazen Inc. for their invaluable support in making our vision of this special factory a reality!