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K Tooling Application Story


  • Our goal was to discover a CNC machine with enhanced tooling capabilities as well as an all-in-one 5-axis lathe and mill solution that would take us beyond our previous limitations and would work with our high-mix, low volue demands.


  • We made the decision to partner with Yamazen based on strong recommendations from a few reputable local shops in our area. Recognized as an authorized and trusted machining distributor, Yamazen stood out from the competition. From our initial contact with Pete Doty, our sales representative, it became evident that Yamazen had the perfect machining solutions tailored to our shop's requirements. We are thrilled with our new MAM72-35V machine, equipped with 32 pallets and 330 tools, which has truly elevated our productivity to new heights.


  • We previously used to perform the process on the lathe followed by the mill. However, now we are able to machine the entire component on the advanced 5-axis Matsuura MAM machine. As part of this transition, we also tested a new Schunk vise, which offers a lower profile, top mount, and impressive capabilities. We are now planning to increase the number of positions on the machine's pallet, thereby extending our production time and moving closer to achieving lights out operation. Additionally, we have implemented Mate zero-point adapters to facilitate quick fixture changeouts in the future. I had emphasized to my team that all our plans were mere theory until we put them into action, and now we are successfully executing them! This shift to machining 3-axis parts on a 5-axis machine has enabled us to adopt leaner production methods suitable for our high mix, low volume production requirements.

Why Yamazen

  • Thanks to our 5-axis Matsuura MAM machine, we can now process parts in just one operation, as opposed to the previous multistep approach. The result has been a significant reduction of 30% in our production costs, which we have happily passed on to our valued customers! Yes, you heard it right - our customers are now saving money thanks to the efficiencies we have achieved through our sophisticated machining operations.