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Yamazen customer Bruce from Precision Products tells us how he reduced cycle times by 58% and reduced customer lead times by 20% by switching to a MatsuUra Machine. 


"We have a 25 year trust relationship with Yamazen. With Yamazen you know it’s a quality machine. That’s how they roll."

PROBLEM: Reduce Labor & Reduce Touches to the Part.

" For the last 20+ years we were turning it, milling it close enough, hardening it, using the EDM processes, polishing then grinding to have a finished part."

"Eliminating touches to the part eliminates the risk of human error and increases accuracy"

SOLUTION: Eliminating the EDM process is really huge!

Replaced EDM with Milling because it could be done with the palettization. This takes big steps out of the process by processing in a new way. Moving it to this one palettization process is where the huge gains are for your production and cycle time. >

“If it goes into the machine it’s going to come out right or it’s not going to come out at all”

“It takes a lot of the sleepless nights out of running a mill!”

For more information on Matsuura Machines and how Yamazen can help you with your machining needs, fill out the form below, or call us at (847) 882-8800. You can also reach us by email at