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Revolutionizing Production

How a Surprising Machine Choice Transformed an Industrial Tool Line


An existing Yamazen customer was looking to add capacity and boost production of a growing industrial tool line by simply duplicating their existing process that used a 3-axis vertical milling machine with a 4th axis rotary table.


After thoroughly looking at their current production process, we realized that simply duplicating their existing process did not bring their business to another level like they wanted and there had to be a better way of doing things, so we brought in our Applications Team to review their product’s components. After reviewing the individual part prints for the family that went into making the finished assembly, our Applications determined that a Takisawa TS-2000YS lathe would be a great choice of machine. This shocked the customer since it was an outside the box option. However, since the TS-2000YS offered the ability to hold a wide range of bar stock sizes and shapes, has Y axis milling capabilities, a 20-station turret, and comes with a standard 6 live milling heads, it could produce all the parts within the assembly.


Not only is the customer set up to meet, and likely exceed, their production numbers, but the TS-2000YS minimalized the amount of machine set up and part handling time that was slowing down their existing process using the vertical milling machine. We also made the recommendation for the customer to add a bar feeder to the machine so they could perform part runs throughout the day while their Machinists could take on other projects.